“Hmmm…What do you give the person who has everything?” How often that thought crosses our minds as birthdays approach. Endless advertising everywhere tries to convince us we need more and better stuff, but deep inside we know we’re being duped.

Mostly we cherish birthdays and the chance to celebrate another year. A small child’s birthday is especially heart-warming; given their enthusiasm for blowing out candles, tearing open presents and figuring out how many fingers to hold up when asked, “how old are you now?!”.

As we get older, we don’t always greet the passing of another year with the same energy or warm fuzzies. Sure, we’ll still celebrate with a nice dinner, a special experience, and maybe a party. Or for various reasons, we might keep our birthday a secret. Yet a wise saying reminds us: “Do not regret growing older; it’s a privilege denied to many.”

After a recent visit to the Christiana Children’s Homes in Bapatla, India, KyungSun from The District Church, of Washington DC, had a unique wish for her 24th birthday. So she reached out to her friends and family with her request and a new way to celebrate her.

KyungSun told us at FCV about her unusual birthday wish:

“I recently turned 24 on the 24th, and I decided to donate my birthday to the (Christiana Children’s) Homes… I came back to the US knowing that the Homes were facing financial difficulty and felt helpless. It was scary to ask for money from friends, but God placed big goals in my heart. I wanted to ask for $500, which if 20 friends donated $24, I could get close to. But I also knew $24, for friends in their early 20’s, is no small amount. But here is what happened when I put the call out:

  • Someone whom I met only once at my church gave.
  • A friend whom I haven’t seen for years gave double the amount I suggested.
  • A classmate from college couldn’t give, but shared my post and asked how she could help in other ways.
  • Friends, who I know work multiple jobs, or don’t even have jobs, gave what they could.
  • Friends who helped me plan my birthday party and already gave me a physical gift also gave for the Homes.

“Together, we raised a total of $600. I have been moved by this experience, and I am so thankful to our Lord for how He is living and stirring in the lives of others.”

KyungSun’s request rippled blessings in many directions. Not only did the Christiana Children’s Home benefit from her dream and gift, but her community also got the chance to learn and participate in God’s abundant generosity. Happy Birthday and thank you, KyungSun, from the Friends of Children’s Village Board! We continue to be encouraged by your actions and words.