Providing Education, Love and Support to Destitute Children in Bapatla and Nidamarru, India

It doesn’t take much to make a difference. The Friends of Children’s Village is a US-based non-profit that helps to raise funding and find child-sponsors for the Christiana Children’s Homes in Bapatla and Nidamarru, India.

Now in its 34th year, over 260 children eat, sleep and are educated in our two locations. Some are total orphans, and some have parents too poor or disabled to care for them. At least 30 need consistent HIV medication. Each of these children was created by the same Heavenly Father that created you. And they need your help.

By donating or signing up to sponsor a child, you’ll be helping this school, orphanage and youth home stay afloat. A simple monthly donation of $35 US per month, per child, can secure the stability of the homes.

Only With Your Support Can This Happen


260 children plus hired house parents have a place to live.


Three nutritious meals a day. No child goes hungry here.


From working in the fields to working toward the future


Together, we can break the cycle of generational poverty

The Numbers Are In


per month can support and educate a child in our care


can purchase annual text books for ten children


can pay the annual salary of a qualified teacher at the CCH school

Ready to Help?

Only with your support can the Christiana Children’s Homes transform their community. Every gift counts!