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You can check out our previous short film, KUMARI’S CHRISTMAS, here. It was created, not only to celebrate Christmas, but to be a small window into life inside the Christiana Children’s Home.

We need your prayers!

We need your prayers! Anyone can become a Prayer Partner. Download a PDF of our latest Prayer Partner Update to stay in the loop about the ministries supported by Friends of Children’s Village.

Psalm 65:10 says: “You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God, our Savior. You are the hope of everyone on earth!” This Bible verse is only one of many that give us the confidence to bring requests of all shapes and sizes to God, with the expectation that He not only is listening but is also ready to move on our behalf in supernatural ways!

The kids are loving this new playground at the Elizabeth Barrie School! Huge thanks to all who helped make this incredible space possible!

The addition of a second bus makes the Elizabeth Barrie School attractive and available to even more area students than before.  Tuition paying students help to further the sustainability of both the Elizabeth Barrie School and the Christiana Children’s Home.

Thanks to some generous supporters, the Children’s Home was able to purchase a very gently – used vehicle! The previous van “died”, so this new ride is much needed and has been very gratefully received. It will be used to provide safe transportation for the many daily errands that are done to meet the ongoing […]

The Yanadi Tribe is located on the outskirts of Bapatla and is comprised of people known as “untouchables” in the Indian society. Because of their social caste these villagers are quite poor, have low literacy levels, and limited social and economic opportunities. As a result, their children grow up in this same situation, perpetuating a […]

As the new compound wall took shape, an idea to build-in spaces for 5 small commercial shops was born and the work is nearly complete! The rent received from these shops will be a source of income for the School. Additionally, a second story with 2 large rooms was added above the shops. These will […]

It’s game time! If there’s one thing that children love, it’s games. New kabaddi and volleyball courts were recently installed at the Elizabeth Barrie School and were put to immediate use!

An outdoor pavilion was recently completed at the Elizabeth Barrie School. This area will offer a shaded space for children to eat their lunch, as well as playing games! The new Volleyball and Kabaddi courts and a place for jumping rope are a big hit!

At long last, in early November 2022, a Medical Team was once again able to visit the Christiana Children’s Home and Elizabeth Barrie School to perform physicals on all of the children.  The previous medical trips were in 2018 and 2019, and the planned subsequent trips had unfortunately been prevented due to COVID concerns in […]

After the addition of six classrooms, two bathrooms, relocation of the school offices, and equipping of additional science labs, the Elizabeth Barrie School is now prepared to offer Grade 11 for the children from the Christiana Children’s Home, as well as for tuition-paying students from the community! Pending the receipt of the appropriate governmental permits, […]

Our year-end Facebook Fundraiser brought in more than $7,000 to pay for new school uniforms for each child. Despite COVID the children, thankfully, keep growing! Thank you to all who gave so generously.

For several years the Elizabeth Barrie School has been wishing for a school bus that would make some of the students’ trips to school less arduous as well as expanding the range to reach additional tuition-paying students. This Christmas, thanks to some generous FCV supporters, that wish came true! Funds were raised to purchase a […]

Several months ago, the front patio and steps of the Elizabeth Barrie School were demolished by the state to make way for a road expansion project. Thanks to some generous supporters, construction has begun on a compound wall to protect the students and the school from traffic. The steps were moved to the side of […]

Although students returned to the Elizabeth Barrie School last November, several students soon contracted Covid-19 and the school had to close again. We are happy to report that conditions have improved locally, and the school has again re-opened! Children are also coming back to the homes after nearly a year away. Thank you for all […]

Although India has opened up many sectors of the country, the school and the children’s homes have not been allowed to open due to the dangers of having so many children together in close quarters. The virus continues to spread throughout India and there are now positive cases in Bapatla and the surrounding towns. Babu […]

Phase 1 was adding six new classrooms to EBS. Phase 2 will be to add 11th and 12th grade “junior college” offerings to our CCH children, as well as those in the community. Double your gift! Phase 1 of the school expansion is complete and now we’re kicking off Phase 2! A generous donor has […]

Ten people from four different states arrived at the Children’s Home on November 2, to perform physical exams for all the school children, both those from the Children’s Homes and also for the students who attend from the surrounding community. Included on the team were a medical doctor, a nurse practitioner, and a registered nurse […]

A BIRTHDAY GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING “Hmmm…What do you give the person who has everything?” How often that thought crosses our minds as birthdays approach. Endless advertising everywhere tries to convince us we need more and better stuff, but deep inside we know we’re being duped. Mostly we cherish birthdays and the chance to […]