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You can check out our previous short film, KUMARI’S CHRISTMAS, here. It was created, not only to celebrate Christmas, but to be a small window into life inside the Christiana Children’s Home.

We need your prayers!

We need your prayers! Anyone can become a Prayer Partner. Download a PDF of our latest Prayer Partner Update to stay in the loop about the ministries supported by Friends of Children’s Village.

Psalm 65:10 says: “You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God, our Savior. You are the hope of everyone on earth!” This Bible verse is only one of many that gives us confidence to bring requests of all shapes and sizes to God, with the expectation that He not only is listening, but is also ready to move on our behalf in supernatural ways!

Phase 1 was adding six new classrooms to EBS. Phase 2 will be to add 11th and 12th grade “junior college” offerings to our CCH children, as well as those in the community. Double your gift! Phase 1 of the school expansion is complete and now we’re kicking off Phase 2! A generous donor has […]

The project is to expand and improve the EBS to become a government-certified English language school for grades K-12 with the capacity to attract market-rate tuition-paying families, thus achieving 100% self-sufficiency within 10 years.

A BIRTHDAY GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING “Hmmm…What do you give the person who has everything?” How often that thought crosses our minds as birthdays approach. Endless advertising everywhere tries to convince us we need more and better stuff, but deep inside we know we’re being duped. Mostly we cherish birthdays and the chance to […]