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Every donation counts! Even just $35 per month can provide food, shelter, education and a chance to succeed. The US dollar goes far in many other parts of the world, including India, so every donation makes an impact.

Your Contributition

Consider what your dollars can do!

$35 US

approximate cost in US dollars for one month of child care and schooling for one child

$125 US

annual school books for ten children

$160 US

monthly medical support (bandages, antiseptic) for local leper colony

$240 US

monthly egg supply from local farms

$320 US

monthly care for local destitute elders (medicines, food)

$520 US

monthly vegetable budget

$675 US

monthly HIV medicine & checkups for 30+ infected children

$2600 US

annual natural gas costs for cooking

$3600 US

entire food budget for one month

$4000 US

annual salary for qualified teacher at CCH

$6000 US

annual electricity costs for both compounds and schools