Christiana Children’s Homes (CCH)

In 1982, Babu Salagala and his wife, Hepsyba, followed the quiet call of God to reach out and care for the young children wandering and begging in the streets of Bapatla, India. Through hard work and great faith, they rented a building and took in 22 children from their community. Soon, word traveled, and each year they saw more and more children finding their way to the loving arms of the Christiana Children’s Homes.

Now, almost 35 years later, The Christiana Children’s Homes (CCH) have their own land, school, and accommodations for over 260 children. Each year, orphaned and destitute children find their way to a loving staff of caretakers and teachers, who devote their lives to seeing these kids overcome their generational hardships and succeed in life. The homes provide food, education, and medical care for orphaned, destitute, and sick children, with priority care given to children with HIV.

The children are educated and looked after with the loving care of full-time, live-in, Christian house parents, many of which have experienced hardships themselves. All the staff works hard to provide hope and a sustainable future for children who’ve been historically overlooked and undervalued – showing them the awesome love of God through action.

Because of the limited space and resources, the Christiana Children’s Homes can only accept half of the children that apply for residence, with priority placement given to full orphans and children with HIV. Because of this, hundreds of struggling and impoverished children are turned away each year. Only with outside donor support can we take in more children.

The home is also a base for many other community ministries; Pastoral training, homeless elder care, local leper colony support and area disaster relief and housing. Please visit the page, “Who We Serve” to learn more.

Please consider partnering with the US-based Friends of Children’s Village (FCV) to help sustain this beautiful and humble mission.

Together We Achieve Results for Children


260 children plus hired house parents have a place to live


Three nutritious meals a day. No child goes hungry here.


From working in the fields to working toward the future


Together, we can break the cycle of generational poverty

Each Month at CCH


Monthly amount spent in Rupees (approx. ₹10,000) on bandages and antiseptic for local leper colony


Approx. ₹15,200 per month pays for fresh eggs from local farms


Approx. ₹32,800 per month is spent on vegetables for the meals at CCH

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